Trailblazing Triumph: Honda Women Lead the Charge in the New TrailSport Campaign

In the spirit of trailblazing innovation, Honda proudly presents the TrailSport campaign, “Chasing Greatness.” What sets this campaign apart is the key role of women in developing the powerful TrailSport vehicles to designing the innovative marketing campaign.

Lead Honda engineer Nichole Verwys crafted the rugged capabilities of the Passport TrailSport and Ridgeline TrailSport, the two vehicles featured in the campaign video. Behind the scenes, an all-woman team of Honda marketers poured their passion into bringing the campaign vision to life. The team was led by Jessika Laudermilk, Marketing Assistant Vice President; Hundy Liu, National Advertising manager;and Laura Arroyo, Senior Marketing Analyst.

“Developing this campaign with women leads across various creative disciplines wasn’t intentional,” Liu said. “We just tapped into individuals who were passionate about the project and masters of their crafts. It wasn’t until we were reviewing the edit that someone pointed it out and that the [vehicle] models we’re featuring also were developed by a woman Honda engineer.”

In addition to the all-women marketing team, the contracted director of the TV spot, a stunt driver, agency producer and the creative director were also all women. What’s more, Honda’s new campaign features music from indie music artist Bishop Briggs’ powerful new single, “Triumph.” Once the connection was made with Briggs, an up-and-coming artist who is a Honda Pilot owner herself, the team knew “Triumph” was the perfect fit for the campaign.

“We thought the lyrics were amazing,” Arroyo said. “We’re really passionate about the lyrics because they represent our story really well, punctuating Honda’s unyielding drive to keep chasing our next great innovation.”

Other women leaders at American Honda who played critical roles in the campaign overall included Megan Amic, head of Media; Public Relations Assistant Vice President Jessica Fini and Social Media Manager Allie Coulter.

“The campaign is a testament to the fact that Honda is committed to empowering women and promoting gender diversity in the automotive industry,” Fini said. “We are proud of the women who have led the TrailSport campaign and look forward to continuing to shine a light on their groundbreaking work.”

Together, we have pushed boundaries and set new standards for excellence in our industry. As our team embarks on this exciting new chapter, let us continue to embrace the spirit of trailblazing innovation that defines Honda.

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