Honda Transmission Plant Associates Earn State of Ohio Award

Associates at the Honda Transmission Plant in Ohio recently earned the Ohio Department of Transportation’s Gold Star Adopt-a-Highway designation. The Honda facility’s associates were honored for 25 years of their volunteer litter collection events along the Russells Point facility’s roadways.

Gold Star Adopt-a-Highway designation is awarded to organizations for events held for five or more years, that have conducted at least four pickups per year and that completed them safely. Over the last 25 years, Honda Transmission Plant associates have held more than 100 Adopt-a- Highway events, consistently prioritizing safety while promoting environmental excellence through the initiatives.

“This honor celebrates our Honda associates who have volunteered over the past quarter century to make our community a better place by collecting litter during Adopt-a-Highway events,” said Gerald Bruch, plant lead at the Honda Transmission Plant in Ohio. “Our goal as a company is to be a company that society wants to exist and it is the efforts of Honda associates that help make that possible.”

Honda Transmission Plant associates have conducted litter pickup events on State Route 235, State Route 274 and State Route 708.

“I enjoy participating in the Adopt-a-Highway program because I know it’s making a difference in the community,” said Scott A. Williams, an Ohio transmission plant associate who has participated in the litter collection events throughout the last 25 years. “I am proud to work for a company like Honda that takes time to contribute to the community. It makes associates feel good driving down the road and looking at green grass and knowing that what we do with this program makes a difference.”

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