Honda’s Commitment to Students Featured in New Video

Honda is launching the next video in the series addressing the first of the five themes, “Inspiring Underrepresented Students.” John Cena, the voice heard in Honda commercials, narrates the video.

In December 2020, Honda launched a series of videos highlighting the company’s philanthropic activities. The first in the series, “What We Believe,” brought together many of the company’s philanthropic efforts into five theme areas, representing some of the major programs Honda conducts as a means of giving back to society. 

The term “underrepresented” students includes those who have been traditionally underserved in education based on race, ethnicity, gender, ability, socio-economic status and other factors.

Through the company’s support of experiential learning at Eagle Rock School, Historically Black Colleges and Universities academic excellence, collegiate women student athletes and STEAM education, Honda hopes to inspire underrepresented students to reach their potential for academic and lifelong success.

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