Honda Canada Foundation Launches New Partnership to Support Canadians with Cancer

The Honda Canada Foundation (HCF) recently announced a donation of 10 Honda Odyssey minivans that will be used as part of the Canadian Cancer Society Wheels of Hope transportation program. Over the next two years, the special fleet of vehicles will alleviate some of the challenges people with cancer face every day by getting them to and from their life-saving treatment both safely and comfortably.

More than 1,800 volunteers in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba devote their time to driving people with cancer to and from their treatments. Without the Wheels of Hope program, these passengers would need to find costly transportation to their appointments or even miss their treatments entirely due to unreliable transit. An estimated 8,300 Canadians rely on the service however, prior to this donation, those without access to a vehicle were unable to become Wheels of Hope drivers. With Honda’s contribution of 10 Odyssey minivans, prospective volunteers with a valid driver’s license can get involved in a cause they are passionate about.

“The Canadian Cancer Society is an organization making a real difference in communities across the country, which is something the Honda Canada Foundation wholeheartedly supports,” said Dave Jamieson, Chair of the Honda Canada Foundation. “Knowing that these vehicles will be used in such a kind and compassionate way is as inspiring as it is rewarding.”

Honda will also cover the cost of insurance and maintenance for the 10 minivans for the duration of the partnership.

“Getting to treatment can be difficult for anyone who isn’t physically well enough to drive themselves, use public transportation or able to afford the cost of travel so this partnership with the Honda Canada Foundation goes a long way in solving these challenges,” Interim Director of Corporate Partnerships, Susanna Tyson. “Adding these vehicles to our program will unlock new volunteer opportunities allowing us to serve even more of the people who count on us throughout the year.”

Facts about the Canadian Cancer Society Wheels of Hope program:

• Wheels of Hope is active in four provinces – Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
• In these regions, the Odyssey minivans will transport an estimated 2,500 passengers with cancer to and from their medical appointments
• During the two-year partnership, the 10 Odyssey minivans will make approximately 50,000 trips combined
• In total, all Honda Odyssey Wheels of Hope edition minivans will clock an estimated 250,000 km over the next two years
• In 2019, over 200,000 trips were offered to people with cancer by volunteer drivers

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