Pet Therapy Brings Smiles to Associates in Canada

Associates at Honda Canada Inc. (HCI) held a unique event called, “Pet Therapy Day” on-site on Feb. 5, in support of their local SPCA Humane Society.

The event was designed to create awareness of all the organization does to support animal welfare and adoption, and provided a spot for associates to enjoy some dog cuddles throughout the workday.

Each of the three rooms had a different theme including: Cuddle Station, Get your Steps In (play room), and Take a Selfie (take pictures while snuggling a pet).

“This event was the first for both the Humane Society and HCI but won’t be the last,” said Marina Altanopoulos, public relations coordinator for Honda Canada, who helped conceive the event. “The SPCA said they had never done an event like this and mentioned that this was one of their best.”

In addition, Honda Canada associates held a pet supply drive this month to support the SPCA Humane Society and collected 100 items to donate. Honda Canada also donated $12,000 to the organization from a fundraising event held in December.

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