Team Leader Sets Standard for Exceptional Customer Service

Alison Byrd, a customer service associate at American Honda Finance Corporation (AHFC) in Alpharetta, Georgia has been rated #1 in customer service at the company for nearly two years, a direct result of the positive approach she takes to helping people.

“My goal is to provide a positive experience to each person I speak to,” says Byrd, who was recently promoted to team lead for the Early Collections group in the AHFC National Motorcycle and Powersports Service Center.

Byrd’s upbeat attitude has made her a leader and role model in her department, but most importantly, she has become a favorite among customers. Her positive demeanor has also led to a role in training other customer service representatives at Honda, as well as the responsibility to handle special customer needs.

“We build relationships with our customers. We want them to know they have support here at Honda, and that they have options to receive assistance,” said Byrd.

Byrd explains that after she experienced the joy and passion that go into creating Honda products, she truly began to understand what it meant to represent the company. As a result, she is passionate about self-improvement, and remains focused on setting a positive example, both within her department and to customers she speaks with each day.

Byrd is the latest subject of the What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda video series.

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