HNA Legal Supports Women and Minority Lawyers

The National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) recently awarded their 2019 Diversity Initiative Achievement Award to Honda North America (HNA)’s legal division. NAMWOLF is an organization which promotes diversity in the legal profession by fostering relationships among minority and women-owned law firms and companies which use legal services.

“In the legal industry, women and minority lawyers have never achieved the same status as other industries because of the structure and hierarchy of law firms,” explained HNA Legal’s Deputy General Counsel David Peim. “Honda is a company that society wants to exist, and NAMWOLF is an organization that society needs to exist.”

During the organization’s annual meeting and law firm expo in Los Angeles, Honda was honored for its hard work and efforts supporting NAMWOLF.

“This award recognizes the effort the entire law division put in,” said Peim. “In two years, we went from working with three diverse law firms to 35 diverse law firms.” The company expects to add even more diverse firms and diverse attorneys in the future. .

Part of HNA Legal’s support for NAMWOLF includes advising three of the organization’s practice area groups, and committing to spending a minimum of $1 million on women and minority-owned firms, which Honda has already done and surpassed since making the commitment.

In addition to receiving the award, during the meeting lawyers from HNA interviewed potential new firms to work with Honda in the future and participated in numerous panel discussions.

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