Honda Associate’s Dedication Inspires Others

Andy Loscavio’s enthusiasm and challenging spirit are contagious. From his passion for community service to his commitment to serving Honda customers, to his love of racing, to his unique way of connecting with people through personalized bumper stickers, Loscavio is driven by a desire to make people’s lives better.

Loscavio plays a key role in the Service Publications group of the American Honda Power Equipment Division, where he creates “how to” YouTube videos that help Honda customers learn more about their power equipment products. Loscavio has overcome a speech disorder to thrive in his communications role.

In addition to his work, Loscavio is passionate about serving his community. He volunteers at least 10 hours a week at various organizations. “People are the most valuable resource at Honda and the way the company enables people to help is amazing,” said Loscavio. “Charity work for me is almost like a human need. Once you achieve what you need to achieve, any of the excess should go back to the community.”

For Loscavio, this passion to make people smile led to his creation of his own “I know Andy Loscavio” bumper sticker, something he uses to connect with people and spread good will. “It’s amazing how something so simple can bring people together,” he said of his bumper stickers. “The first questions I get are usually, ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Why do I need to know you?’”

People who do get to know Loscavio quickly find out that he has a deep love for racing and engines, which led him to start a carting team for himself and his co-workers. Loscavio is featured in the latest installment of the What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda video series that focuses on Honda associates who exemplify the company’s commitment to The Power of Dreams.

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