Honda Companies Honor Veterans Through Parades, Thank You Messages

As people across the country recognized veterans’ service this month, Honda companies took a moment to say thank you to its associates who have served, and to their local communities.

Many Honda companies across the U.S. took the opportunity to honor veterans through internal message boards and photos shared with our associates.

Honda of South Carolina Mfg. lined the main entrance with military flags for Veteran’s Day. Honda Transmission Mfg. in Ohio said thank you to veterans by giving them lapel pins. Honda Manufacturing of Indiana (HMIN) honored veterans with photos submitted by associates of themselves and their family members.

In addition, several Veterans Business Resource Groups (BRG) participated in Veteran’s Day parades in their local communities.

At HMIN and Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA), members of the veteran’s BRGs marched in local veteran’s parades and invited other associates to do the same.

The BRG members walked in the parade for the first time last year, said Michele Jent, vice-chair of HMIN’s Veterans BRG. HMIN’s home city of Greensburg cancelled the parade due to a lack of funding, but a local veteran decided he would march regardless.

“HMIN Veterans BRG heard about it and invited associates to participate,” Jent said. “We decided to support our community. We had no advance notice but many joined in.”

A special recognition was provided to HMA this year in honor of Veteran’s Day. The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve recognized HMA as a Patriotic Employer this year.

Honda is proud to honor the service and sacrifice of those who have served our country.

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