Associates Turn Trash into Treasure for Nonprofit


With a bit of vision and a few connections, two associates at Honda Transmission Mfg. of Ohio (HTM) helped turn some old, discarded items into attractive landscape pieces for the Allen Co. Humane Society in Ohio.

HTM associates Daniel Doseck and Rick Stoneburner came across two old benches in the back of the humane society building that were in bad shape. They learned the benches were going to be thrown away and decided to salvage them.

One associate knew someone who does laser engraving on metal and he agreed to replace the backs on the benches and the wrought iron sides. The other associate had a contact who replaced the seat boards on the benches with recycled boards, which require no maintenance.

And finally, on April 12, a group of associates took the refurbished benches to the Humane Society and presented them to the staff. The benches now adorn the front of the building.



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