Honda Generators Provided to First Responders

When the Today show wanted to reward people for helping their neighbors during Hurricane Irma they called on Honda.

Al Roker’s Helping Hands segment this week recognized people who helped their neighbors during recent hurricanes and Honda was more than happy to help honor those who, while their own families and homes were in danger, ran to take care of others first.

Honda gave the show 55 EB3000C generators to recognize first responders in the Florida Keys. While Honda gave the gift of power to the first responders, other companies also stepped up to honor the first responders. Lowe’s gave each first responder a $2,000 gift card and Publix gave Thanksgiving turkeys and $50 gift cards to purchase the trimmings.

Honda’s Power Equipment team was “happy to participate in this event and be a part of recognizing those who run towards danger to help others, instead of running away.”


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