Honda Associate Unwinds By Skydiving

For Honda associate Kevin Kuhn, jumping out of an airplane is a way to unwind after a day at Honda Manufacturing of Indiana (HMIN). Kuhn is the newest subject of the What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda video series.

Kuhn’s desire to challenge himself in all aspects of life inspires him to seek new ideas and opportunities as the new model project leader in the Plastics department at HMIN. The Plastics area is responsible for making plastic injected molded parts including bumpers and instrument panels. He played a key role in launching both the 2017 CR-V and 2016 Civic into production at HMIN. Kuhn said he likes working together with other departments to find greater efficiency.

Kuhn learned to skydive about seven years ago and has completed more than 380 jumps.

“Skydiving is a very freeing experience,” he said. ”There’s really nothing to be afraid of.”

Kuhn says taking risks is necessary – whether in skydiving or making improvements in a component or process for a new model.

“I have learned a lot by taking risks,” he said. “How do we challenge ourselves to continue to make that better car? With a challenging spirit, anything’s possible.”


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