Honda R&D Associates Assist Humane Society

Honda R&D Americas, Inc. (HRA-O) in Ohio recently volunteered to spruce up a local Humane Society.

Roughly 13 volunteers helped install new pulley systems on nearly 15 kennels; mulched flower beds; painted the front lobby, cabinets and two rooms; groomed cats and walked dogs.

HRA’s impact on the Humane Society was significant, as the organization has a small staff and didn’t have the resources to accomplish the more extensive housekeeping tasks.

“I value the time we can help others in the community, as it emphasizes the core values of the Honda philosophy. It makes me appreciate working for a company that actively engages our community,” said Alex Van Nest, a new associate at HRA-O.

Several associates even discussed returning to volunteer on their own time and have signed up to volunteer for an event at HRA-O this week.

“It is a great sense of personal pride that HRA provides opportunities to be involved with and give back to the local community, truly striving to be a company that society wants to exist,” said associate Geoff Gratz.


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