Associates Support Invention Convention

On July 30, more than 20 Honda of America Manufacturing (HAM) Inc. associates participated in the Invention Convention at the Ohio State Fair, where they registered students and served as judges.

The Invention Convention provides students in grades K-8 an opportunity to compete with their own invention for a chance to advance to the 2018 National Convention in Dearborn, Mich. The event was sponsored by the Invention League, which offers year-long educational support, Inventor Experiences and the Invention and Entrepreneurship State Final Competition to students, schools and districts of Ohio all at no cost to the families or districts.

“It’s great to work for an employer who encourages giving back to the community,” said Zach Simpson, HAM purchasing. “The amount of gratitude Invention Convention staff had for Honda’s support was so visible, and you can see we truly care about investing in a better tomorrow.”

Along with providing continuing education for Ohio’s teachers, Invention League has built a community of dedicated like-minded heroes who support the belief that the better we educate our youth and the more opportunities we provide them to learn and implement STEAM skills the better all of our lives will become.

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