Associates Revitalize Homes in two Ohio Cities

Nearly 40 volunteers with Honda Manufacturing of Ohio, Inc. (HAM) used their talents and time to revitalize homes in their local communities recently.

On April 29 and May 5, associates partnered with Rebuilding Together Dayton and Rebuilding Together Central Ohio respectively to lay concrete, paint and clean homes for those in need.

Curt Kremer, an engineering associate with HAM, participated in HondaGO and Rebuilding Together for the first time. “I was told we had a small crew, but we still accomplished so many things and had fun doing it,” he said.

Kremer said it was such a rewarding experience, he plans to come back.

The mission of Rebuilding Together is three-fold:

  1. A safe and healthy home for every person.  The organization uses the seven principles of healthy housing to guide them in their efforts to impact homeowners. In partnership with their volunteers, they work to create homes that are dry, clean, pest-free, safe, containment-free, ventilated and maintained.
  2. Community revitalization. Rebuilding Together knows the importance of community for homeowners. In addition to creating safe and healthy homes, they assist local community centers where homeowners spend their days.
  3. Youth and corporate engagement. They organization engages 100,000 volunteers per year and take on 10,000 projects.

Tony Cuzzolini, a Honda associate, has served with Rebuilding Together for 20 years and stepped into the role of house captain eight years ago. He said it’s in his blood to help wherever he can.

“Rebuilding Together strengthens the lives of our most vulnerable communities by providing low-income homeowners with critical home repairs, accessibility modifications and energy efficient upgrades,” said Cuzzolini.  “It has meant a lot to me that Honda has given me the opportunity to work with Rebuilding Together.”


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