Don’t Drive Like You’re Five

How old do you act when you are driving?

Honda took this question to heart recently when it produced and shared on its social media accounts a “Don’t Drive Like You’re Five” video series to emphasize the continuous need to focus on safe driving habits.

The series features five social videos, each with a child playing with his or her toy car, when various scenarios occur—whether it be due to weather or falling asleep at the wheel, these incidents are anything but a game.
Through the videos, Honda wants to remind drivers: “Don’t Drive Like You’re Five.” The goal is to illustrate what can happen because of uncertain driving behavior.

Honda is passionate about the safety of not just everyone who gets in a Honda, but all road users. This is Honda’s first effort specifically aimed at breaking through and engaging teen drivers. The series was first shared on social media during the 2016 National Teen Driving Safety Week.

The setting of each video is a 10 by 10 paper city shot with a homespun feel. Honda used vertical video for the first time to further connect with the teen audience who consumes and shoots video that way. The videos demonstrate that the same carefree playfulness you have when you are five does not translate to safe driving.

You can view the five videos here:

Don¹t Drive Like You¹re Five: Road Rage

Don¹t Drive Like You¹re Five: Speeding

Don¹t Drive Like You¹re Five: Pedestrians

Don¹t Drive Like You¹re Five: Drowsy Driving

Don¹t Drive Like You¹re Five: Bad Weather

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