Honda Featured on Environmental Podcast

As the leader of American Honda’s Green Dealer Program, Raminta Jautokas has helped more than 400 Honda and Acura dealers find ways to reduce their environmental impact.

But the successful Green Dealer program is not the only project that Jautokas manages in her post with the Environmental Business Development Office (EBDO), as she oversees much of the company’s compliance efforts and is a key component of the project team that creates Honda’s North American Environmental Report.

Jautokas had the opportunity recently to share some of her projects on a podcast on the popular Mrs. Green’s World, which is an environmentally-themed website that features podcast with many of the top environmental influencers in the United States.

The host and Jautokas discussed many of Honda’s environmental activities during the 60-minute podcast, including Honda’s goals for reducing CO2 emissions, initiatives on decreasing energy usage and the Green Dealer program.

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