EPA Recognizes Honda Fuel-Efficiency Efforts

Honda achieved the largest year-over-year increase in fleet average fuel economy of any automaker in the EPA’s 2016 Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Fuel Economy Trends report announced on Nov. 2.


Honda’s strong showing, year after year, reflects sustained commitment in the area of fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions performance. Every gallon of fuel that is burned emits approximately 19.2 pounds of CO2, making fuel efficiency a key part of Honda’s initiative in reducing emissions.


Over the past four years combined, Honda has significantly outperformed its greenhouse gas emissions requirement – an achievement equivalent to eliminating the emissions from more than 400,000 Honda cars and trucks.


Honda has led the auto industry with technology to improve fuel economy, including a new lineup of turbocharged engines, continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) and hybrid technologies.  With already-announced plans to introduce a new generation of electrified vehicles beginning later in 2016, Honda will continue to lead the effort to advance fuel economy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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