Bay Area STEAM Students Experience Honda Robotics

Students from Ocala STEAM Academy in San Jose, California received the rare opportunity to see the future of robotics as they visited Honda’s Silicon Valley Labs in Mountain View to attend a demonstration of Honda Robotics Products including the world’s most advanced humanoid robot ASIMO!


The middle-school students were treated to an exclusive demonstration of Honda’s UNI-CUB as well as ASIMO, and got a chance to see the robot perform many movements including running, jumping, climbing stairs and kicking a soccer ball.


The students were also joined by engineers from HSVL, who talked to them about the importance of education and how it could help them in their future endeavors. The engineers, who rode into the demonstration area on Honda’s UNI-CUBs, answered questions from the students about their career fields and what they worked on at Honda.


Following the demonstration, the students were able to try the UNI-CUBs themselves, experiencing the latest mobility technology created by Honda engineers.

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