Associates Across the Country Ride for Kids

For 25 years, Honda has sponsored the Ride For Kids™ event in various communities across the country. Along with sponsoring the nationwide event, Honda associates play a big role in volunteering and participating in the fundraiser, which benefits the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF).

The PBTF is also the world’s largest non-governmental source of funding for childhood brain tumor research raising more than 70 million dollars since 1984 with significant help from American Honda Motor Company and its dealers.

In recognition of Honda’s 25 years as a founding sponsor of the event, Chuck Boderman, vice president of American Honda’s Motorcycle Division, accepted the Founder’s Award in June.

“Honda and Ride For Kids continue to work together with a common mission,” said Boderman.

While each Honda company adds its own twist to their Ride For Kids event, the focus has always remained on two things – the children and Honda’s commitment to help the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation make a difference. Below are some highlights from different companies.

  • Atlanta – In June 450 participants raised $90,865, with 154 motorcycles in the ride.
  • Torrance – The American Honda campus plans to host an LA Ride for Kids and also donates a motorcycle for a raffle.
  • Ohio Honda’s companies in Ohio have taken a different twist on the fundraiser, but remained focused on the children. Honda R&D Americas (HRA) and Honda of America Mfg. (HAM) both held Ride for Kids events. HRA sponsored a 5K race that took place at a Marysville dealership. The race involved 387 runners who raised $11,500 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. At HAM, with the help of several Honda associates, the Marysville Ride for Kids event raised more than $38,000.

“Without the commitment of Honda to make the Ride For Kids a national event, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation would not be the force behind finding a cure for childhood cancer that it has become,” said Steve Burwell, organizer of the Atlanta Ride for Kids.

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