Product Planners are Who Makes a Honda

Honda’s newest video profile in the popular What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda video series explores the role of the product planner through the experiences of associates Tomo Yokoi and James Jenkins.

Product planners work with teams from R&D, manufacturing and sales and marketing, acting as the customer’s voice throughout the process.

Yokoi, who grew up in Los Angeles, is the senior product planner for the next generation Acura NSX, the supercar heralded as the ultimate representation of Acura precision crafted performance.

Jenkins, who hails from outside St. Louis, Missouri, is manager of Product Planning for Honda light trucks, which includes the all-new Pilot and HR-V introduced this year. Honda’s strength in that sector prompted U.S. News & World Report to name Honda the “2016 Best SUV Brand.”

Their product lines are on opposite ends of the spectrum in many ways. But as product planners, Yokoi and Jenkins share a key attribute: a passion for the product and its customers.


James Jenkins

“When I look at the final product, I see a huge team effort, all focused on bringing the best possible experience to our customers,” said Yokoi, who also was the planner for the 2015 Acura TLX luxury performance sedan.

Said Jenkins: “I’m working on family-oriented products, with safety as the number one focus, but our goal is still to make driving fun. Seeing customers smile and seeing them come back to the brand is the greatest reward.”

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