Plants Open Doors to Inspire Next Generations

Oct. 9 — Tomorrow’s dreams start with knowledge of what’s possible today. That’s why Honda welcomes opportunities to give tours of its facilities to students so they can learn about, watch, and experience firsthand Honda’s latest manufacturing technology.

Over the last week, Honda Transmission Mfg. of America, Inc. (HTM) in Russells Point, Ohio, and Honda Manufacturing of Alabama (HMA) in Lincoln welcomed nearly 1,800 students from 32 local high schools in recognition of National Manufacturing Day.

At HTM, 1,600 students from 19 local high schools and career centers saw firsthand how HTM turns cutting-edge technology into world class parts and components. There, the students received an up-close look at high-tech processes like robotics, pneumatics, hydraulics and tooling.

While at HMA, students from 13 schools got a chance to participate in a technical event showing manufacturing processes and even using equipment that simulates how bolt torques are used at the plant. While visiting both plants, all the students received valuable information about potential careers available in the manufacturing industry.

At HMA, in addition to the requisite plant tour, the students heard from recent college graduates who work at HMA about their education and work experiences.

As the students at HTM got a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making world-class transmissions for Honda and Acura vehicles, the ones at HMA were able to get hands-on experience with tools and even had a chance to see how many bolts they could screw into a threaded plate in 30 seconds. They also got a peek inside HMA’s exclusive racing vehicles.

“As a leading company of high-quality transmissions, we take great pride in our manufacturing operations and want to share our passion with local students and the community,” said Gary Hand, vice president of HTM. “Our goal is to inspire the next generation workforce for high-tech positions in the manufacturing industry.”

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