Honda Drives Blood Donations for Ohio Community

Aug. 17 — The blood drive campaign conducted by Honda’s Engine Plant in Anna, Ohio, has earned the 2014 Platinum Level LifeSaving Ambassadors Club award for an outstanding year of partnership.
Last year, the campaign included 12 Community Blood Center (CBC) drives. The blood drive campaign is an example of Honda not just doing its part for the community, but going the extra distance.
In 2014, Honda became the top corporate blood drive sponsor in Shelby County with 969 donor registrations and 867 blood donations. Honda is already on its way to another outstanding year. The Anna plant’s seventh and eighth CBC blood drives of 2015 topped collection goals with a two-day total of 175 donors, including 12 first-time donors, and 153 units donated. Anna Engine Plant Manager Paul Dentinger said the response is “a representation of all the people and the community here. It’s small town neighbors. Honda is where they work. We definitely want to be a company that exists to help society. It’s the people that make Honda what it is today.”

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