Company Responsibility Statement

Company Responsibility Statement

Honda strives to be “a company that society wants to exist.” Through our diverse array of products, and the processes required to produce, sell and use them, we impact society in many ways. Whether developing fuel-efficient, low-emission products, minimizing the environmental impact of our global manufacturing operations, or assisting communities in need, Honda seeks to be a responsible company and community partner. As part of our North American effort to embody this ideal, we have developed an approach to conducting business that seeks to uphold the following principles and responsibilities of good corporate citizenship.

1. Respect for the Individual
Honda’s relationships with its associates (employees), customers, dealers and business partners are guided by the company’s philosophy of “Respect for the Individual.” As envisioned by our company’s founders, this philosophy leads us to value and respect the unique contributions of each individual. Accordingly, we are committed to ensuring that each person involved in the development, production, distribution, sale and service of our products is treated with dignity and respect, and has a meaningful opportunity to contribute to the company’s success.

2. Human Rights
The respect for human rights is an extension of our philosophy of “Respect for the Individual.” As part of our effort to conduct business in an ethical manner, Honda will not engage in business practices or activities that compromise fundamental human rights.

3. Working Conditions
Honda is committed to ensuring that the individuals building our products and components and providing services to our company are afforded responsible working conditions, and are treated with dignity and respect.

Child Labor
We shall not hire children who do not reach the legal age for work in each country and region.

Forced Labor
No form of human trafficking, forced, bonded or compulsory labor shall be used.

Compensation and Working Hours
Wages, including overtime and benefits, shall comply with local law, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime hours and legally mandated benefits. Working hours shall comply with applicable local laws.

Harassment and Discrimination
Harassment or discrimination in any form is not acceptable.

Freedom of Association
We encourage open communication with management regarding working conditions without fear of reprisal, intimidation or harassment. We believe that maintaining an environment for dialogue between associates and management will deepen free, open-minded and two-way communication, making it possible to build a stronger relationship of mutual trust. In addition, associates shall, in accordance with local laws, have the right to associate freely, and join—or choose not to join—labor unions or workers’ councils.

Health & Safety
Associates shall have a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable standards for occupational safety and health.

4. Business Ethics and Compliance
Trust is a critical foundation of a successful and sustainable business. We have worked diligently throughout the history of our company to foster trusting relationships among Honda and its customers, suppliers, business partners and dealers. To maintain a high degree of trust with all stakeholders, it is therefore a core responsibility of all Honda associates to conduct business in an open, honest and ethical manner, and to follow the company’s code of ethics in all their business practices. This includes upholding all laws in the places where we do business.

Prevention of Corruption
We shall establish transparent and fair relationships with government entities and public officials. All political contributions and donations shall comply with each country’s and region’s laws.

5. Environmental Stewardship
Our company’s approach to the environment is reflected in the Honda Environmental Statement:

“As a responsible member of society whose task lies in the preservation of the global environment, the company will make every effort to contribute to human health and the preservation of the global environment in each phase of its corporate activity. Only in this way will we be able to count on a successful future not only for our company, but also for the entire world.”

Environmental Management

  • Based on the Honda Environmental Statement, we shall pursue our daily business interest under the following principles:
  • We will make efforts to recycle materials and conserve resources and energy at every stage of our products’ life cycle—from research, design, production and sales to services and disposal.
  • We will make every effort to minimize and find appropriate methods to dispose of waste and contaminants that are produced through the use of our products, and in every stage of the life cycle of these products.
  • As both a member of the company and of society, each associate will focus on the importance of making efforts to preserve human health and the global environment, and will do their part to ensure that the company as a whole acts responsibly.
  • We will consider the influence that our corporate activities have on the local environment and society, and endeavor to improve the social standing of the company.

Honda shall comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in all jurisdictions in which we operate.

6. Diversity & Inclusion
Our company philosophy concerning diversity in the workplace states: “Equality among colleagues is expressed in recognizing, respecting and valuing individual differences in each other, treating each other fairly and creating equal opportunity for everyone.”

Honda recognizes that diversity and inclusion are critical to our business operations.  Diversity in our workforce and supply base helps foster the kind of innovation, sensitivity and vitality that enables us to dream big dreams and create products and technologies that make people’s lives better. We embrace diversity across all levels of our business, and among our associates, suppliers, dealers and communities in which we do business.

7. Community Involvement
Beyond creating jobs at the facilities we establish in communities throughout North America, we recognize the responsibility to act responsibly and constructively as a member of these communities. Through a broad range of community initiatives, charitable giving, foundation grants, and volunteerism, Honda seeks to create value for society and bring joy to people’s lives. We are proud of the many partnerships we have established with non-profit organizations that share our value of community involvement.

8. Commitment to Principles
In adhering to the above principles, Honda seeks to communicate its commitment to its customers, associates, suppliers, dealers and other business partners, and to the communities in which we live and work. Further, we expect that any party conducting business with Honda will embrace and uphold these principles to the best of their ability.


  • Ken Francis says:

    Thank you for including me in this email. The principles listed go a long way in explaining why it is not only a pleasure to do business with your company, it also shows in your products.

    I love my Honda Pilot!


    Ken Francis
    Sims Welding Supply Co.

  • Gary Frieden, Ph.D. says:

    I agree to the above.

  • Jeff Denham says:

    As a supplier for Honda, Univance appreciates that our cusotmer taker serously their coprorate responsibility. The relationsship betwee all Honda associates and any Univance associates has been nothing short of mutual respect. So I believe Honda associates take this responsibility very serously.

  • Wayne M. Curtis says:

    Thank you for involving us in this communication. Comtrans has enjoyed and benefited from being a vendor/supplier to Honda for over 35 years. I and the employees of Comtrans take very seriousely any and all compliance requirements in our daily involvment with Honda. We are also happy to subscribe and commit to the responsibilities contained in these statements.
    Wayne M. Curtis
    Comtrans Ltd.

  • Jim Burge says:

    Thank you for sharing the values that we too Share!!

  • Barbara J. Bertrand says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to read through your Comapny REponsibility Statement. We at the Rotary Club follow similar set of standards and are delighted to see the parallel.

  • says:

    Hats off to Honda for putting forth such a great statement. This is the very thing that corporate America needs. We at RTF Fire Protection are proud to be able to serve such a company who shares our beliefs and responsibilities!
    Thanks from Tony Russo, Dan Thieken, and Kenny Fisher, owners of RTF Fire Protection!

  • Paul Baumgarten says:

    Very comprehensive and well done.

  • Rodney Frye says:

    as a Honda supplier/vendor i believe Honda does live and stand by the principles in this document

  • Benjamin Willis says:

    Admirable and necessary for a global enterprise.

  • Gregg Cofield says:

    I have read and understand your Responsibility Statement and will comply and embrace these principles to the best of our ability.

  • Jolene Smith says:

    At am3 adsource we pride ourselves in working with socially compliant companies. THANK YOU Honda for allowing us to be associated with your brand. We are committed and will continue working hard to embrace and uphold these principles. Jolene Smith, VP Business Development, am3 adsource

  • Fran Coviello says:

    As a certified Diversity Supplier with the state of Connecticut, I applaud Honda and their principles.

  • Tim Stampes says:

    Very comprehensive and well done.

  • Marcia Ludden says:

    “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” It’s a simple statement. In my dealings with American Honda Motor Company as a vendor and buyer of their products, they have consistently adhered to this principle. Thank you!

    Marcia Ludden
    Quality Construction Services, Inc.

  • Bill shannon The Plant Gallery and Florist says:

    Well done!

  • David Baker says:

    Thank you for sharing!! Very comprehensive and well executed.

  • Fernando Real PBM Facility Services says:

    It is a pleasure being part of the HONDA TEAM & participating with such a
    great company in applying human dignity & rights in ther manner they deal
    with their employees and vendors – Thank you.

  • Dana Hali says:

    I am honored to serve a company with the high standards I also find are necessary to operate my own organization under. Thank you for sharing these principles.

    Dana Hali

  • Evan Brooks says:

    Honda is certainly the kind of business that we want to exist. The leaders and followers in the company know that long-term sustainability is far more important than short-term gains. Treating things like the environment, the individual and the community with respect is a quality worth imitating.

    Evan Brooks
    Surface Recovery Technologies

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