Green Dealer

“Green” Dealers Making a Difference

Honda “Green Dealer” Program Helps Auto Dealers Reduce their Environmental Impact

In 2011, Honda identified a significant opportunity to help our independently operated dealers measurably reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. After finding that existing green building programs were not suited for dealership operations, Honda began developing and testing our own program, which includes a path to achieving zero net energy use.

Honda and Acura dealers who have verifiably reduced their energy and water consumption while adopting other sustainable practices earn the company’s Environmental Leadership Award – silver for a 10% reduction in energy use, gold for 30% reduction and platinum for a 50% reduction. In January 2014, Rossi Honda of Vineland, NJ, took one step further by becoming the nation’s first zero net energy dealership.

The Honda “Green Dealer” Guide synthesizes our learnings and experience over the past three years into a comprehensive, 93-page energy efficiency roadmap. Honda is encouraging auto dealers across all brands, as well as other commercial businesses, to download the Guide and reduce their environmental footprint.

Learn more and download the Guide at


  • Amie Shroyer says:

    We want to let you know of our business . We are a zero emission , battery powered, solar charged landscape operation. We would like to help you in your quest to do your part in cutting co2emissions. We could easily take care of all your dealerships outside building maintence. Thus add to your goals. Please get back to us. Do a little/ change a lot ..

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