Eagle Rock School

Eagle Rock School

Located in the mountains of Colorado, Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center is a nationally recognized, tuition-free residential high school that offers a second chance to students who have not been able to succeed in a traditional high-school setting.

Founded and funded solely by Honda, Eagle Rock opened its doors in 1993 with a mission to help the most disengaged students find their way back to an appreciation of education. Today, Eagle Rock provides a unique learning environment and emphasizes responsibility, trust and openness.

Eagle Rock’s Professional Development Center annually draws educators from around the world who come to observe new approaches in teaching and discuss strategies for addressing some of education’s most challenging issues. The Professional Development Center provides ongoing support for principals and educators who work in a variety of high-school environments across the United States. The Center also serves as a mentor to high schools in California, New Mexico and Minnesota.


  • Donna Zuniga says:

    I am a parent of two students at Eagle Rock School. I just want to take the time to thank Honda Corporation for providing my sons with the opportunity to receive an excellent education. Both of my sons are thriving at the school and could not be happier. They love the school and both are looking forward to attending college. Students who graduate will receive a scholarship fund. I live in Los Angeles and my sons were enrolled in a Jr/Senior High School that provided education for students from 7 th to 12 th grade with apprroximately 3,000 in attendance. Each class had about 35 students. I had concerns about the quality of education they were receiving. I told my sons about the school. I applied for my oldest son first who was 16 at the time. The biggest thing that sparked his interest was that students are not given traditional letter grades. Students are promoted once they master a subject. The students do go to live at the school but they are only go e for three months and they come home for 4 – 6 weeks and return back to school. Students who attend must want to be there and they need to write an essay to be considered for enrollment. I explained to my sons that this was an opportunity for a promising future. I explained it to them like thi: Consider this as a gift that has been er down on the table, you do not have to take it and please don’t take it if you don’t have a desire to do well in life and have a promising future. If you do not want to be at the school the school does not want you there. This can not be a forced decision or a decision to attend in lieu of juvenile hall or incarceration. If that is the case just leave the gift on the table. But if you want the opportunity to receive a top quality education with prractically one on one training and the chance to graduate and attend college then take the gift because as a parent this is the bet gift I can give you! I told both of my sons that they did not have to go or if they were unhappy all they had to do was call and I would not be mad. As a parent it s hard to let them go but it is the best thing for them. They are learning all of the skills they will need as an adult. They are benefiting from getting educated by top quality educators. Eagle Rock School is a teacher training facility too where teachers come and live at the school for several weeks learning the techniques of how to get kids back on tract and to graduate and they take that back to their school. I have stayed at the school myself with my family to be there to cheer for my sons when they completed thier wilderness hike. It was so exciting and you can see a huge difference in your child they really mature and grow up in that short time. When you sit down for dinner you eat with all of the kids and the teachers. The feeling is so positive and you feel the high energy and all of the kid are happy and enthusiastic, I think it is because everyone is so excited about life and what the future holds. I can’t thank all of the staff at Eagle Rock school and especially L’Tanya and Phillbert and new Director Jeff Liddle as well as Honda Corportion for all that they are doing for the students at Eagle Rock School. As a parent I feel blessed and I am so pleased that my sons have the opportunity to be students at Eagje Rock School

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