What Drives Us

We've always known that our success isn't measured solely by the vehicles we make, but also by the lives we enhance. Our responsibilities to our associates, our business partners, our communities and our planet have guided us for nearly four decades, and they've helped us on our path to be a company society wants to exist.

1.57 GPA to Masters of History Student

There are far more definitions for the word “Dream” than I once imagined. College was something that I always dreamed of as a kid; every good grade, aced spelling test, book read... Read more

What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda

Production line associate and firefighter. Engineer and child advocate. Quality control expert and family business volunteer. Beginning April 3, a new video series called What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a... Read more

Honda’s Political Activities and Disclosure

The Honda Policy Governing Political Activities and Disclosure in the United States applies to Honda’s 18 companies in the U.S. On a semiannual basis, Honda will publish on this website a report... Read more