What Drives Us

We've always known that our success isn't measured solely by the vehicles we make, but also by the lives we enhance. Our responsibilities to our associates, our business partners, our communities and our planet have guided us for nearly four decades, and they've helped us on our path to be a company society wants to exist.

Honda North America Sets Green Building Standards

As the largest engine maker in the world and a creator of products ranging from cars and jets to lawnmowers and generators, it stands to reason that Honda’s North American manufacturing plants... Read more

Honda Canada Helps Grow Forests for the Future

Every tree seedling holds a lesson: Never overlook the potential of small beginnings. It’s difficult to fathom that something so small can grow large enough to provide shade, act as a shelter,... Read more

Honda Joins White House Climate Change Pledge

Continuing a long history of focusing on the environmental impact of all of its operations, American Honda Motor Company, Inc. has announced that it will support the American Business Act on Climate... Read more

Environmental Film Series: Change Is In The Air

As further testament to Honda’s commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of its operations, its wind turbines erected at Honda Transmission Mfg. of America last year are the subject of Honda’s latest... Read more

Public CNG Station Opens on Honda’s Ohio Property

Honda’s continuing efforts to minimize the environmental impact of its operations took a major step forward today with the opening of a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station on its property in... Read more

Honda’s Ohio Operations Receive Top EPA Award

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency today awarded Honda’s Marysville, East Liberty and Anna plants with the agency’s highest award for environmental stewardship — the Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) Gold-Level Award. “It’s quite... Read more