Design for the Environment

From development to disposal: reducing the environmental impact of our products.

We’re proud to say that Honda vehicles are 90% recyclable and our power equipment products are 95% recyclable1. They’re the result of our guiding principles for environmentally conscious design:

  • Use fewer substances that are potentially harmful to the environment
  • Manufacture with fewer scarce or non-recyclable materials
  • Build easy-to-dismantle products to facilitate the recycling of materials

Overall, the consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels and the byproducts of fuel combustion create our largest impact on the environment. This is why fuel efficiency is at the core of our design process.

1 Honda’s calculation of product recyclability is based on the ISO standard 22628, titled “Road Vehicles Recyclability and Recoverability Calculation Method,” which bases its estimates on existing, proven treatment technologies and takes into account the mass of materials recycled, reused, recovered for energy, or otherwise diverted from landfill disposal. In addition to these guidelines, Honda’s calculation also takes into account recyclable mass within nonmetal residue.


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