Honda College Marketing Competition

As part of our ongoing efforts to support academic excellence and future generations, the Honda College Marketing Competition gives hundreds of students nationwide the opportunity to research, develop, and execute a real-life marketing campaign for American Honda.

This year’s Honda Civic Marketing Challenge aimed to increase awareness, familiarity, and purchase consideration for the 2013 Honda Civic Sedan. ¬†Twenty U.S. universities were given a flip cam and a budget of $3,000 to cover operational costs. With these resources, each school’s team (referred to as “agencies” in the challenge) worked together to conduct pre-campaign research, develop a marketing and communications strategy, execute their planned campaign, and analyze the post-campaign results.

At the end of the challenge, three finalist agencies were selected to present their campaigns and results to American Honda sales and marketing executives. Gonzaga University’s Swerve Promotions, California State University, Fullerton’s 657 Advertising Agency, and Johns Hopkins University’s Global Blue Strategies visited American Honda’s Torrance campus in May for final presentations.

In the end, only one school could win the challenge. Cal State Fullerton walked away with top honors for their campaign “That Much More …”, which included print, online, outdoor and outdoor digital advertising, a mobile app, banners, video, handouts, t-shirts, and social media and public relations activities.

The agencies from Johns Hopkins and Gonzaga tied for second place. All three finalist teams received a donation to their schools’ scholarship funds.


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