Be a company that society wants to exist. This is what drives us. And giving back to the communities where we work and live is an important part of how we fulfill that promise. Through a broad range of community initiatives, charitable giving, foundation grants, and volunteerism, we seek to create value for society and brighten people’s lives.

What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda

Production line associate and firefighter. Engineer and child advocate. Quality control expert and family business volunteer. Beginning April 3, a new video series called What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a... Read more

Little League® vs. Sandy: A Comeback Story

Staten Island was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. And six months later, long after the story has passed from the media’s attention, they’re still rebuilding. Including their Little League®. As a sponsor... Read more

From Dropout to the Dean’s List

There are a lot of things you probably shouldn’t do if you want to succeed at college – or at life in general. You shouldn’t, as I did, get kicked out of... Read more